LLC Field Report

LLC Program Director's Report May 2024

It was an exciting moment when learners of La’angum Learning Centre, Bumboazio had the google meet meeting with their friends from the Albrook School. Learners were selected from across the upper primary block to participate in this remarkable moment with their friends. It was the first experience of this kind for many of the children in basic four since many of them did not participate on the previous session last year or two. Two groups of 6 from each class were selected to participate in this two days google meet with the Albrook School with the guidance of their teachers.  Click here for full report

LLC Program Director's Report Apr 2024

LLC just like all other basic schools in Ghana started the term on the 9th of January, 2024 and closed the term on the 11th of April, 2024. As usual, a lot of activities are carried out especially on the vacation day to ensure that everything is set and kept at the right place to welcome students back after the vacation period. Students cleaned and packed all teaching and learning materials back to the shelves and cover them with cloth materials and mats to avoid dust and mice. Aside arranging and packing of teaching and learning materials inside the classroom, children also washed and cleaned the concrete and poly tanks to prepare for the incoming rains. Rains usually come during the April break and teachers and children are confident that the rains will start before school resumes on the 2nd day of May, 2024. Click here for full report

LLC Program Director's Report Feb 2024

Our German friend and visiting teacher Fay Airi Record forms a fast bond with LLC students.
Fay, our German friend, has been supportive to both teachers and children of the La'angum school since her arrival. The leadership team of the La'angum school held a meeting with her and assisted her to design a schedule. She started with observation in the various classrooms and began her presentations in the basic four (4) classrooms where her accent is well heard and understood. She is also active in and out the classroom and is always found with children around her. The children come to the residence every morning to ride with her to and from school. They play card games, rope skip, dance and share stories. Fay likes visiting the families of the children, going shopping, and sharing food with the children.  Click here for full report

LLC Program Director's Report Jan 2024

School Reopens
School resumes for the Second term of the academic year on the 8th day of January, 2024. Attendance on the reopening day was very poor. There was the rumour that reopening was extended by a week and many parents could not verify the right date of reopening. Notwithstanding, a good number of children came to school on the second day after having heard from friends that school is reopened. Click here for full report

LLC Program Director's Report Dec 2023

This reports details on the events that took place in the month of December with some few in November, 2023. Basic Schools in Ghana prepares to end the term to enable teachers and school children to observe and celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Teachers as usual, set assessment schedules to evaluate the teaching and learning that had taken place during the term which will help teaching make informed decisions on the children’s knowledge and abilities before the next term begins. Click here for full report

LLC Program Director's Report Nov 2023:

Teachers and students make lesson plans as the fall semester begins
From Mr. Baba Bukari: School resumed and teachers are duly allocated to the various classrooms to mind and ensure the utmost start and continue the process of teaching and learning to help realise the mission and objective of PAMBE Ghana and the La’angum Learning Centre.

Schemes of teaching and learning are prepared by each teacher to indicate the parts of the syllabus to cover within the term, set objectives to be achieved at the end of each lesson, and set steps or activities to support presentation. These are supervised by the Program Director and Majeed for the upper primary and Mary Azure and Robert at the lower primary. Notes are taken during the supervision, and one on one discussion is held with teachers to correct or change certain ways and topics. Each teacher is encouraged to step high to be able to realise the objectives set on the various lessons before the end of the term. Aside from the general presentations of lessons in the classrooms, teachers are encouraged to ensure one-on-one attention is given to the children after the presentation since the understanding levels differ. It is therefore common to see teachers attending to smaller groups in the classrooms. Click here for full report