La’Angum Learning Center teacher Mary Azure
taken by William HaunA Parent is Thankful for all the school provides.PAMBE Ghana Moro Help

Gloria appreciates learning English
PAMBE Ghana Gloria Ideas

Hear from LLC student Enoch about his dream to become a pilot.

Pambe Ghana – Enoch-“Dreams”

Hear from LLC graduate Nemau about her career aspirations
Pambe Ghana – Nemau – “Pioneer”

LLC Students Review Geography of Ghana through Colorful Maps

Given the scarcity and outline of the textbooks that were recommended by the state to assist teaching and learning of the new curriculum, children often find it difficult to understand some of the concepts. In one biweekly meeting, some of the teachers complained of the tiny nature by which some of the words are written especially in maps where a lot of information needs to be captured. Fortunately for LLC, a talented teacher and artist, Mr. Mustapha, asked that teachers submit the aspects that pose the challenges, and he volunteered to sketch them large enough in the classroom walls for now and future use. It was agreed that PAMBE Ghana would resource him to buy the paint, brushes, pencils and any other material that he may need to do create the images. Mustapha promised that he would do a good job and use some of the students as his assistants. Different topics were covered in each classroom, depending on the needs of the classroom according to the syllabus of the national curriculum. In some classrooms, he drew the map of Ghana and indicated the regional capitals. In other classrooms, he indicated the rivers, mountains, vegetation or climate conditions of Ghana. In others, he showcased occupations. The children were happy to part of this exercise and posed for a photo.

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