Thanks to all who shopped at our virtual Global Market last fall! All profits went directly to the La’Angum Learning Center in Ghana. In person classrooms at LLC opened this month, and your support is helping us to pay our teachers and provide learning materials.

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The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project at LLC Is Complete – Funded by Rotary International in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Wainwright and Revelstoke, Canada and Tamale, Ghana

Through a partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Wainwright, Alberta; Revelstoke, British Columbia; and Tamale, Ghana; PAMBE Ghana received a $49,000 USD grant from Rotary International to fund significant water and sanitation work at La’Angum Learning Center (LLC). The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project has been largely completed, and LLC now has a functional latrine system!

This milestone achievement for PAMBE Ghana fulfills Executive Director Alice Iddi-Gubbel’s long term dream to implement biogas generation at LLC, and it is among the largest single grants that PAMBE Ghana has received. This is a significant step toward our goals of increasing health and sanitation and reducing deforestation around LLC.

The project involved:

Construction of two environmentally-friendly 4-cubicle low-flush bio toilets with a bio digester, hand-washing points and grey water recycling system.

—A new 4-cubicle toilet building for girls and female adults.

—A remodel of the existing pit latrine for boys and male adults.

—A biogas digester to digest human and other waste materials.

—A system to capture and use the biogas in the kitchen for the school lunches.

—A rainwater harvesting system for the toilet building roofs, including collection, storage, and distribution.

—A grey water recycling system for flushing the toilet, including a solar-run water pump.

—A solar energy system for pumping the water and lighting the buildings.

An increase in the supply of clean drinking water.

—A rainwater harvesting system is on the roof of a nearby buildings, including collection, storage and distribution.

The significant benefits to the community include: more water capture and storage, increased sanitation with functional toilets and hand washing, biogas generation, reduced deforestation, and reduced burden on women and girls to carry water and collect wood for cooking.

Thank you for your continued support 
Update from Alice Iddi-Gubbels

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Did you know?

PAMBE Ghana’s teachers presently earn less than those who serve at Ghanaian Education Service (“GES”) schools and La’Angum Learning Center risks losing Montessori trained teachers to the GES. Thanks to the generosity of the Liddell Foundation and Mother Huggers, PAMBE Ghana will begin to implement its long-time plan of responsibly raising teacher salaries. Please join Mother Huggers by making a tax deductible donation to support increased teacher compensation. Please see more at to see that organization’s good work done locally and internationally