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A New Jersey Montessori student’s GoFundMe campaign leads to a virtual connection with LLC students

A confident New Jersey Montessori student named Sebastian dedicated his tenth birthday to raising funds to support La’Angum Learning Center (LLC) located in northern Ghana and founded by PAMBE Ghana. Setting an initial goal of $1,000 via the GoFundMe platform, Sebastian quickly exceeded it, and raised $2,765! This astonishing sum will pay the salary of an LLC fourth grade teacher for an entire year. In the course of the fundraising, Sebastian met virtually via Zoom with LLC students, which all the children enjoyed very much as they were able to see one another and learn how much they had in common. The fundraising project also provided Sebastian a hands-on education in communication and fundraising skills.

Sebastian (r) and LLC students engage in the everyday classroom work of
a Montessori student.

LLC teachers and support staff provide a safe and nurturing learning experience to each and every student, and further, maintain a healthy, dynamic relationship with the parents, extended families and communities that LLC serves. Sebastian’s initiative and the incredible gift resulting from it affirmed the importance of their work, and it was encouraging to them to learn that a young student - just like those they teach at LLC – had spread the news of their work to friends and family, and dedicated his own birthday to supporting LLC.

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Did you know?

PAMBE Ghana’s teachers presently earn less than those who serve at Ghanaian Education Service (“GES”) schools and La’Angum Learning Center risks losing Montessori trained teachers to the GES. Thanks to the generosity of the Liddell Foundation and Mother Huggers, PAMBE Ghana will begin to implement its long-time plan of responsibly raising teacher salaries. Please join Mother Huggers by making a tax deductible donation to support increased teacher compensation. Please see more at to see that organization’s good work done locally and internationally