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A Pre-Christmas SALE on
Beloved Fair Trade Gifts

Save 20-50% on select items

One of the great things about shopping fair trade is that the artisans have already been paid a fair living wage for their work. When the maker of this Djembe Drum finished making it, he or she received payment for it immediately, rather than having to wait until PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market was able to find a home for it.

So when you shop our SALE THIS WEEK (!!), you’re not short-changing the artisans who made the beautiful handmade items you get to take home with you. You’re just helping make sure as many things as possible go to a good home before we put everything else into storage after the holidays.

The same is true of these fantastic Nesting Beaded Baskets from Kenya. Among the Maasai and Kikiyu people of Kenya, baskets like these are traditionally given to a bride by her grandmother. The artisans pictured below create the baskets from wire and glass beads, using a pair of pliers as the only tool.

During our last week of the year, PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market will offer these and dozens of other unique and delightful fair trade items at a discounted price. This will help us get ready to move out of our current location; and it will enable us to purchase lots of new great items next year!

So come in and enjoy a little extra power in your pocketbook as you finish up your holiday shopping. We will be open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm, and Sunday December 24th from 10am to 3pm at 617 W. Sheridan, Oklahoma City.

Every purchase is a win-win-win: for the artisans, for the students at
La’Angum Learning Center, and for you!

PAMBE Ghana's 2023 Global Market is at “Sailor & The Dock”
 a new market and event space in Film Row in downtown OKC.


Paper Crafts from Around the World

Quilling from Vietnam:

Quilling is the art of coiling and shaping strips of colored paper to create a variety of designs. It is a popular artform in Vietnam, although it is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt.

Artisans use a variety of hand tools to grasp and roll the paper strips before gluing the rolls together. By stacking the rolls on top of each other, they can even create three-dimensional designs. Some artisans use strips of magazine pages to create unique color combinations.

Handmade Paper from Nepal:

Artisans have been making Lokta Paper in Nepal for over a thousand years using the bark of the Daphne bush. The paper has a pleasing texture and is perfect for these Gift Envelopes and Gift Bags. What a great way to add an extra special touch to your holiday giving! Available in small and large sizes and a wide variety of colors and patterns, they can be used again and again.

Every purchase is a win-win-win: for the artisans, for the students at
La’Angum Learning Center, and for you!



Traditional Crafts of India

Kantha, a form of embroidery using a running stitch to create patterns in fabric, originated many centuries ago in the Bengali region of the Indian sub-continent. It can consist of a simple line of stitches, like in our Kantha dishtowels and dishcloths and this great set of 4 Patchwork Kantha Coasters in a drawstring bag. These 100% cotton items are beautiful as well as practical. For something a little more special, Kantha can also be used to create the intricate patterns found on our Upcycled Silk Scarves. In addition to the beautiful stitching, every one of these gorgeous scarves features two different, contrasting silk fabrics, so each is reversible and unique.

Kashmiri papier-mâché is a handicraft of Kashmir that was brought to India from Persia in the 14th Century. Our Kashmiri Elephant ornaments and Kashmiri Ball ornaments are colorful additions to your tree or other holiday décor, exquisitely hand-painted in traditional floral motifs.

Prosperity Totas and Copper Bells: Perennial favorites at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market!

New this year: Tota & Bell combination, featuring a large size 7 copper bell hanging on an upcycled sari strap decorated with several totas; Mighty Elephants tota made of hand-stitched elephants in a variety of colors and patterns; and our brand-new Temple Door Bell, a very large size 8 bell with its own gilt frame, perfect for hanging indoors or out.

Every purchase is a win-win-win: for the artisans, for the students at
La’Angum Learning Center, and for you!

Some of our Favorite Things:
Fair Trade Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List

For people who love to cook and entertain… they will set a stunning table with our onyx bowl and trivet from Pakistan, each one featuring different patterns and colors of veins. Or try our Enjoy trivet, sand cast in India with a bright copper finish.

For people who love to spend time in the garden… we have a great selection of garden décor for every green thumb! Whether you’re looking for things that spin in the wind, like our Rainbow Ride garden stake or Mesmerizing Spinner, or a little bit of bling for the birds with the Aqua Shimmer bird feeder, or a mellow wind chime, the Global Market has you covered.

For people who love to celebrate the family… soapstone sculptures in a variety of configurations, hand-carved in Kenya.

For people who love to reduce, reuse, and recycle… fair trade is a natural choice! Fair trade artisans are adept at crafting beautiful items from natural materials, as well as using every scrap of whatever is on hand. Whether it’s a star-shaped keychain left over from cutting stars out of a candleholder, or a pocket wallet made from scraps of batik cotton, or a bike-chain and –gear trivet, or a tiny angel with soda can wings… nothing goes to waste.

Did you know? Every day is Giving Tuesday at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market! That’s because every single purchase supports artisans earning a fair living wage for their work, as well as the students at La’Angum Learning Center in northern Ghana. And you and your loved ones get to enjoy a beautiful hand-crafted gift!

Guatemalan Crafts for the Kitchen and Table

Discover the glorious colors and patterns of Guatemalan textiles! 

From full-size tablecloths to mug-size coasters, these hand-woven cotton fabrics add cheer to any décor.

Why buy fair trade goods from Guatemala? PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market proudly offers fair trade goods from two different organizations working with artisans in Guatemala:

Mayan Hands works with Mayan women, giving them a market for the traditional crafts their ancestors were creating long before Europeans set foot on their soil. By supporting these women artisans, we enable them to earn a fair living wage while passing along their skills to their daughters and grand-daughters.

 UPAVIM Crafts empowers women and children living in La Esperanza, a community in Guatemala City that is plagued by gangs, domestic violence, illiteracy, unemployment, alcoholism, and malnutrition. UPAVIM’s many initiatives include a k-6 Montessori school, a community library, a medical center, and a bakery. The women who live in the community have opportunities to earn a fair living wage by creating the craft goods.

It’s not just fabric! We have a great selection of Pine Needle Baskets from Mayan Hands. Don’t let their good looks fool you—they work equally well as a bread basket as they do hanging on a wall. They even smell like fresh pine needles!

This plastic-lined cosmetic bag from UPAVIM Crafts makes a terrific travel companion; it even has a zippered pocket inside. And who doesn’t need a spiral spiced trivet for their dining table? Filled with cinnamon, cloves, and coffee beans, they smell delicious.

Even baby Jesus is wrapped in traditional woven fabric in this mini nativity from

Come check out these and many other great items at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market.


Fair Trade Treasures Made by Artisans in Nepal

You might notice there are a lot of goods from Nepal at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market. We just can’t resist the variety of beautiful and well-made items from this mountainous country in South Asia!

This year we’re pleased to offer a great assortment of shoulder bags and totes from our fair trade friends in Nepal. The creation of these gems provides a fair living wage to everyone involved in the production process, from weaving the fabric, to decorating it with block printing or embroidery, and finally to sewing it into the finished products..

We have hats, headbands, mittens, gloves, glittens, and socks in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns! Many of these items are knitted by women in their homes while their children are at school. Others are made by women who have been rescued from human trafficking and who are now living in shelters. In either case, your purchase of these beautiful woollens enables women who otherwise would have limited opportunities to earn a fair living wage for dignified, creative work.

Pick up a fair trade journal and get inspired! Made with Lokta paper, an environmentally-friendly tree-free paper made from the bark of the regenerating Daphne bush, each journal features a different cover and a pleasingly textured writing surface. We have them in a variety of sizes, too. Makes a great gift!

Every purchase is a win-win-win: for the artisans, for the students at La’Angum Learning Center, and for you!


Holiday Ornaments, Nativities, and More

Add a delicious scent to your holiday décor this year with ornaments and nativities made out of real cinnamon! Check out our Cinnamon Stick Tree, Tea Light Nativity, and Peace Dove, each with a gentle hint of this favored spice.

Whether your holiday spirit is full of whimsy or wonder, we have a great selection of décor you won’t find anywhere else.


Upcycled Metal Wildlife from Zimbabwe


Liven up

your living space indoors and out with these creatures hand-crafted in Zimbabwe. Created from discarded oil drums, each one has its own unique personality and facial expression.

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southern Africa, is famous for its dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife. The animals and birds that inhabit its parks and reserves provide inspiration to artisans who create life-like statues, utilizing scrap materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our two Oil Drum Zebras visiting our friends at Hunny & Honey across the hall from PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market

The talented artisans who sculpt these animals are truly able to turn trash into treasure. Each one looks like it could come to life at any moment! Perfect displayed individually or in a group, they are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

Back by popular demand! These Whimsical Woodpeckers are literally ready to hang out. Coated with a clear varnish to protect them from the elements, they have a tab for mounting on a fence, a wall, a tree, anywhere you need a touch of fun.

Colorful Gifts from Ghana

Aprons and pot holders made from organic cotton, hand-batiked and sewn by skilled artisans in Ghana? Only at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market!

And as always, we have a fantastic selection of baskets from Ghana, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors

Would you like to cut down on the number of plastic bags that make their way into your home? Check out these cotton produce bags, made from upcycled flour sacks that have been decorated with batik prints in fun colors and patterns. They also make great re-useable gift bags, travel pouches… endlessly useful and eco-friendly!

Come celebrate with us in our new location as we feature all the amazing and beautiful items from Ghana! From the kitchen to the garden and everything in between, we have everything you need to fill your home with color and joy.

2023 Spring Pop Up Markets

We will be selling Ghanaian baskets, bird houses, garden stakes, and other fun fair trade items.

CommonWealth Urban Farms - 10 am - 2 pm. April 15, April 29, and May 6th. 1031 NW 32nd Street, OKC

Garden Festival in the Park at Will Rogers Gardens - 9:30 - 3:30.  May 20th.  NW 36th & I-44, OKC

Find a Unique Nativity at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market


There’s a star in the sky guiding everyone to the nativity display at the Global Market this week. Not only is our collection of nativities the biggest in Oklahoma City, it’s also the best!

Come see what all the magic is about, now through Christmas eve at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market.

Alpaca Silver and Stone Jewelry from Taxco, Mexico


PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is pleased to introduce these beautiful Alpaca Silver and Stone rings, pendants, and mother-of-pearl barrettes, provided to us by the Artisana Collection in Taxco, Mexico. The artisans who produce these items are carrying on the traditional jewelry-making tradition passed down from generation to generation.

The Taxco region is famous for its silver jewelry. Many artisan groups in this part of Mexico have formed cooperatives to pool together their talents and resources, creating a situation that is beneficial to the individual artisans and to the community as a whole.

The Artisana Collection comes from a cooperative in the region that is made up of 26 jewelry makers who work collaboratively to create these special pieces. Artisans use a wide range of materials that range from abalone, mother of pearl, alpaca silver, and much more.  The group has achieved stable income for many members of its community. This has led to community initiatives that include support of local schools and programming geared towards the youth. Artisans often work out of their homes and are paid a fair living wage. The Fair Trade jewelry is not only beautiful, but each purchase helps to transform lives.

We look forward to sharing these items with you this week at the Global Market!

Silk Scrubbies and Silk Soaps from Nepal

Sericulture, the rearing of silkworms and production of silk, was introduced to Nepal in the 1990s in an effort to bring income-generating opportunities for rural women.

This week we are proud to offer two silk products made in Nepal: Silk Scrubbies and Silk Soaps.

These handcrafted silk soaps are produced without the use of external heat so the goodness of the natural ingredients is preserved. A combination of silk protein, moisturizing coconut oil, natural antioxidant sunflower oil, soybean oil, rich nutrient conditioning olive oil and cold pressed castor seed produces a luxurious lather that cleans your skin naturally!

Our washable and reusable silk crochet soap case provides gentle exfoliation for your skin while you wash. It makes a great stocking stuffer, especially when combined with a bar or two of silk soap!

Each bar of soap is wrapped in paper in a variety of patterns and colors. The scented soaps are not overwhelmingly strong, but we also offer an unscented variety for those who prefer it. Be sure to stop by the Global Market this week to check out these great products.

Eucalyptus                                                         Rose with Charcoal

Rosemary                                                         Cedarwood

Elegant Ornaments Handcrafted by Refugees

New this week at PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market: ornaments created by refugees supported by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Each of these delicate ornaments tells a story about the cultural heritage of its maker, and is crafted by a refugee artisan working closely with a social enterprise in their host country. These beautiful little works of art are windows into the diversity and talent of refugee artisans around the world, as well as symbols of meaningful support between cultures.

The Peaceful Dove Ornaments are crafted by Congolese refugees living in Kenya. Other ornaments in the collection are made by Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and Tuareg refugees in Niger. The purchase of these ornaments enables the artisans to keep in touch with their home culture while supporting themselves with a fair living wage. PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is proud to feature this wonderful collection.

Lim Dom Bamboo Salad Set

This week’s featured item at the PAMBE Ghana Global Market is the beautiful Lim Dom Bamboo Salad Set. Handcrafted in Vietnam, this salad set is made from sustainable bamboo and created using a technique known as spinning. Once harvested, the bamboo is split into pieces and stripped down, then artisans coil pieces together forming a bowl and sealing it with food safe cashew oil.

Artisans use many techniques to create unique pieces, including the eggshell lacquer featured on the Lim Dom set.

This lacquer is handmade from real eggshells, producing one-of-a-kind patterns on every piece.

This beautiful salad set is unique and sure to be an added topic of discussion at any dinner party. Check it out this week at the PAMBE Ghana Global Market!

Hand-Painted Candles from South Africa: Back by Popular Demand!

These candles come in an amazing variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Made by hand in the village of Napier near Cape Town, South Africa, Nobunto candles are created and painted by women artisans using African-inspired designs.

The word “nobunto” comes from the Sotho language, meaning “for the people.” In a region where unemployment hovers around 50%,  the production of Nobunto candles provides a reliable, fair trade living wage to eighteen families.

PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is proud to feature these beautiful candles this week. Come in early for the best selection!


Global Mamas

PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market is stocked with unique items from around the world like the handmade goods from Global Mamas. A nonprofit organization founded in Ghana in 2003, Global Mamas unites thousands of individuals across the world around the mission of “creating prosperity for African women and their families.”

Global Mamas provides a platform for African women to create and sell their beautiful handmade products. Mamas use traditional techniques to produce high-quality, unique products, honoring local artisan traditions such as batiking, bead-making and Shea butter production in their work.

Global Mamas does more than just provide a platform for African women to sell their goods, it protects the traditions passed between generations and the value and authenticity of their creations. Global Mamas includes only hand-crafted, unique items in their supply chain, combating the impact of mass-produced lookalike imports. Global Mamas prices each product fairly, ensuring sustainable demand and that artisans are paid fair wages. We are proud to stock Global Mamas products at PAMBE Ghana’s 2022 Global Market. Check out some of our featured items from Global Mamas below.

Matching Pot Holder and Apron Sets

Eco Produce Bags made from up-cycled flour sacks

Passport Explorer Bag made from recycled fabric straps


Pocket Wallets made from recycled fabric straps


Assorted Bibs with Velcro closure and up-cycled flour sack backing


Haitian Metal Wall Art.

Using recycled steel sheets cut from oil drums, Haitian artisans in the Croix des Bouquets district use simple hand tools to turn the mundane into magnificent works of art. The artists cut intricate designs into the metal, using paint and lacquer to enhance features, bringing to life trees, objects, and creatures of all kinds. Each piece is unique and signed by the creator, making it a special, memorable gift for every occasion. From Christmas ornaments to stunning wall hangings, find a gift or keepsake for anyone in PAMBE Ghana’s Global Market collection of Haitian Metal Wall Art.


Vibrant 3D Flowering Tree
This beautifully colorful flowering tree is a three-dimensional wall hanging that is sure to brighten up any room and capture an audience of admirers.

Seahorse and Octopus Figurines

A perfect gift for sea lovers or additive to your home, these intricate sea creatures are unique and stunning.

Painted Peacock and Hibiscus Flowers

This breathtaking peacock is brought to life with its vibrant colors and careful details, accompanied by delightful hibiscus flowers.

School of Fish

This beautiful school of fish art is colorful and unique, bringing swimming fish to life with lustrous paints.

Tree of Life
This tree of life is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted, making the perfect gift for a loved one or wall decor for your own home.

The Global Market is located in Northpark Mall, at NW 122nd and North May in OKC. It is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 AM until 6 PM, from November 1 through December 24. Every purchase benefits the students at La'Angum Learning Center, and supports fair trade artisans around
the world.