Basic 5

Meet the students and teachers of the Basic 5 classroom at La’Angum Learning Center!

The school term began in January 2023. Basic 5 (5th grade) at LLC includes 16 girls and 22 boys. The class instructors are Majeed Salifu and Sulley Basigi Jabuni, who also taught this same cohort for Basic 4. The Basic 5 curriculum includes English language, Math, Integrated Science, Religious and Moral Education, Our World – Our People, Mampruli, History, and Creativity Art.

To begin the year, the teachers and students sat together as a team to design a timetable that specifies all the activities for a day in the classroom. For instance, for lessons on “Our World – Our People,” the class participates in outdoor activities such as visiting caves, valleys and mountains to help children learn by observation. The students also visit the Internet/Computer Lab (ICT) twice a week. The Basic 5 students have decided to run a poultry program as the class project. The class also enacts quiz competitions, which they hope to extend to other LLC classrooms, with the goal of eventually entering competitions held with other schools.

The Oklahoma City PAMBE Ghana community extends best wishes for a fruitful learning year to the students of Basic 5 and all the classes at La’Angum Learning Center!

Visiting a cave.



Basic 5

5th grade

5th grade Majeed

5th grade Majeed Salifu

5th grade Sulley Basigi

5th grade MS