What your donation buys

Your Donation to PAMBE Ghana pays primarily for school support and learning related material; we keep our administrative expenses as low as possible. In fact, 93 cents of every dollar goes directly to the school, La’Angum Learning Center. We can do this because most of our U.S.-based staff are unpaid volunteers who have a strong commitment to PAMBE Ghana’s mission. Read more about our Board and staff.

How far can your contribution go?


Your donation to PAMBE Ghana’s La’Angum Learning Center in northern Ghana makes a huge difference. Here are some of the ways:

Making quality basic education accessible to children in underserved rural communities  

  • $600 will pay for education for one child for one year
  • $2,000 covers a teacher’s basic salary for one year
  • $5,000 will provide continued teacher education and support for a year
  • $150 covers uniform and basic school supplies for one La’Angum graduate in junior high school for a year

Basic Health Care, Food and Nutrition

  • $5 pays the annual premium for one student’s basic health care through the National Health Insurance Program
  • $50 pays the annual premium for basic health care for a staff member, spouse, and five dependent children
  • $120 pays for hepatitis B screening, vaccination, and treatment for 40 new students
  • $600 will provide a hot nutritious lunch for 100 children for a whole year

Water, Hygiene & Sanitation

  • $10,000 will purchase and install water storage facilities and significantly increase water security in the school
  • $1,000 will pay for locally made water filters, soap, and cleaning materials

Solar-Powered Computer Laboratory

  • $6,000 will buy solar modules, battery bank, charge controller, inverter and accessories to power 20 laptops
  • $500 will pay for an energy-efficient laptop computer for the solar-powered computer lab
  • $2,400 will provide reliable internet access for a year


  • $5,000 covers basic school infrastructure and maintenance for one year

Lending Library

  • $2,000 pays for books, bookshelves, furniture and accessories to establish a school library


$120,000 pays PAMBE Ghana’s basic operating expenses for one year.