Teaching and Learning Materials With Local Ghanaian Roots

Teachers at PAMBE Ghana’s La’Angum Learning Center (LLC) are putting their Montessori skills to work producing classroom materials their students can use. This idea came from Program Director Eric Bugri Gumah, who brought back several ideas from a Montessori conference he attended last year. He discussed his findings with the teaching staff and voila! The idea to use local materials to build teaching and learning materials was born.

Teachers are building grammar and filler boxes, which are used to teach students the English language. Using local wood, they are able to replace the plastic boxes and reduce the dependence on imported boxes.


A Teacher's Perspective

Dear Friends of PAMBE Ghana,

As 2017 draws to a close, I thought you might like to read the words of one of the teachers you are supporting at La'angum Learning Center. The teachers tell me that we are not just supporting "a school in Northern Ghana," but an exceptional place where every child is helped to grow to their fullest potential, no matter what their background. It is not only a school for children, but a learning experience for the staff and school community. Thank you for making this possible. 

Tom Temple
PAMBE Ghana Board President


MAJEED SALIFU is my name. I was born on 1st January 1986 in Gambaga. Salifu is my father and Amina is my mother. 

I had my elementary education in a public school by name Zobzia primary school in Gambaga, East Mamprusi District in northern Ghana.  I attended Gambaga Junior High School in 2000. In 2003, I had admission into Nalerigu Senior High School. I completed my secondary school in 2006. Between 2006 and 2007, hunting and traditional herbal medicine was what I engaged in. In 2008, I was employed as a teacher assistant through the National Youth Employment Program. As a teacher assistant, I was receiving an allowance at the end of the month. Though it was not regular, I decided to further my education. I had admission into the University of Cape Coast continuing education program for a three year Diploma in Basic Education.

As the saying goes, many are called but few are chosen. With prayers, hard work and mercy from God, I was able to graduate with a few colleagues in 2013. Before graduating, I attended an interview organized by my current employer (PAMBE GHANA). I was lucky to be selected (based on qualification). I was appointed as a classroom teacher, and I have been a classroom teacher in La'angum Learning Centre (L.L.C.) since 2012.

Compared to the experience I had in my public school days, my presence in L.L.C. has enlightened me more on what teaching really is. Honestly, in those days as a teacher assistant what I needed to do was to make sure that pupils filled their books with notes. With this, an inquisitive parent would think that the teacher had taught his child well. When I delivered lessons, even if only a few understood the lesson, I would go ahead to deliver the next lesson, not at all concerned with those who did not understand the first lesson.

Thanks to God who brought me here to L.L.C, because before I deliver a lesson, I will consider the age, interest, and cognitive development of the group of pupils I am going to present the lesson to. It is here in L.L.C. that I have learned that children can be in the same class but receive different lessons. Before I deliver a lesson, I have to plan considering the objectives of the lesson, putting the child in the center. After delivering a lesson, I observe those pupils who have not understood and plan another lesson for them. I have also learned that children need to be respected just like we adults.

Even though my colleagues in public schools receive more salary than I do, I personally think that salary must be earned irrespective of the amount one receives. Being part of or contributing to shaping a child's future is what is paramount. It is often said that a good name is worth more than silver and gold. It is in the light of these and others not listed that keep me working in L.L.C.

I am happily married to Isma Mahama, and Muslim Sahawabgu Majeed is our three months old son.

Majeed Salifu

Mary Ayaba

teacher-mary-lgI am Mary Ayaba. I was born in 1989 at Gambaga in Northern Region to Mr. and Mrs. Ayaba. I have two brothers: Peter and Noah.

I had my basic education at the Presbyterian Primary and Junior High Schools in Gambaga. I continued my secondary education at Nalerigu Senior High (NASS) as a General Arts student.

Life after Senior High School turned very difficult for me. My father died prematurely, which brought a lot of problems to me and my siblings. In 2008, I left Northern Region and went down south in search for a better life. By the grace of the Merciful God, I had admission into Global Professional Studies to pursue a course in Health and Safety Management.

Since childhood, I have had the desire to be a health educator. In 2013, I got the chance to be trained as a first aid trainer. I did my one year national service at the Ghana Red Cross Society in Bolgatanga. There I was a team leader and trained drivers on first aid and emergency procedures.

After the national service, life got tough again. Finding work was hard to come by and depended on who you know. I was very happy to be employed as a teaching assistant at PAMBE Ghana La’angum Learning Centre. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a teacher and a student as well. I am learning a lot at La’angum Learning Centre, and it is making who Mary Ayaba is today and will be tomorrow.

Siisu Mumuni

sissiu-lgSiisu Mumuni has a bachelor’s degree in history (B.A History), from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Thus, he considers himself a Social Scientist. He also has a certificate in computer technology, which complements his social science degree.

Siisu lives in Langbinsi with his extended family of 13, which includes his Mother and Father, 8 siblings, and his wife and a son.

Siisi has been interested in teaching since childhood. During his high school and university years, he used all his vacation time in doing voluntary teaching at Frukan Junior High.  He did his National Service as a teacher in Tuna Senior High in 2012/2013 academic year. He is currently the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) teacher in La’angum Learning Centre.

Siisu is a very creative and handy man. He able to translate what he sees or reads concretely with the hand.

Siisu aspires to be a social reformer by analyzing things in the theological perspective and by being a good example in his daily life. He says, “when the body relaxes, the mechanism of the body also relaxes”.  He therefore keeps himself busy with subsistence farming.

Siisu is sociable, friendly and embraces views from other religious faiths.  He uses these to strengthen his faith and love for everyone because he believes that friendship is one of the most important values in human life.

Robert Issahaku Bugri

robertRobert Issahaku Bugri is a gentleman of 29 years from Samini, a village northwest of Langbinsi. Robert is the sixth and last born of his parents. All are boys. Robert is the only son of his parents who had access to formal education; all his five elder brothers joined their father in his farming activities.

Robert completed the 3-year Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) University of Cape Coast distance education programme, with support of PAMBE Ghana.

Robert began teaching at the PAMBE Ghana La’angum school in September, 2009.  He has taught all the primary classes except P6.  He began helping other teachers to guide the KG1 (pre-K) students in his first year, then KG2 (K), and P1 to P5.  He is currently the P5 teacher.

Robert is married to a young lady by name Felicia Ape with two children Frank and Joana. Frank is a P2 student in LLC.  Joana will start school next year.

Robert and his wife are true believers in God through the Christian faith. Robert has planted a Church in Bumboazio community, called Grace Community Church. Robert is the lead pastor and goes there every Sunday morning to preach and Wednesday evenings for prayers and thanksgiving.  Ten of the LLC students and one teacher are among the members of the church.

Robert has so many plans towards the future.  He will be adding and updating this biography and sharing as time goes.

Ibrahim Bukari Issah

ibhrahimIbrahim Bukari Issah is a teacher in La’angum Learning Centre. He is 27-year old and a native of Bumboazio. He is from an extended family of 15 brothers and sisters of the same father.  He lives in the family compound.

He has a Bachelors degree from the University for Development Studies in Integrated Development option in Economics and Entrepreneurship Studies.  Ibrahim is also a farmer who is interested in poultry birds.

He has participated in the activities of PAMBE Ghana since 2008. He was a volunteer teaching assistant in La’angum Learning Centre in 2008/2009 school year. He was also a facilitator in EQUALL (Education Quality for All), a USAID project that supported literacy and numeracy in mother tongue for out of school children in the rural areas.

In 2013/2014, he did his national service at Zabzugu Senior High School after completing his degree course.

He came back to PAMBE Ghana in September, 2014. He is currently a grade three teacher. Ibrahim has participated in many Montessori workshops and has a keen interest in learning and becoming a real Montessori teacher.

When he is not reading or working with his loved pupils in the classroom, he joins the school football team to play soccer. He also plays volleyball using advantage of his height. He is a husband, and a father to Hafiz, a student in KG1 of La’angum Learning Centre. He is waiting anxiously for the arrival of the second child.

Mary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure

mary-aMary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure is my full name.  Awinbota-Abotawine means God loves us and we love Him. I was born on March 9th 1983 to Mr and Mrs Samuel Azure Achinchine. God has blessed my parents with nine children. I am number six. We all live in Langbinsi, a much bigger village near Bumboazio where I teach.

I married a man of God named Martin Aduku in Nalerigu, about 20 miles from the La'angum Learning Centre. God has blessed us with a son, Franklin Behiwin, one year after our wedding.  Franklin is three years and eight months this November.  My husband and I are doing ministry work at the Nalerigu Second Baptist Church. He is a pastor in the church and I am a teacher.

I was a volunteer teacher in a school in Langbinsi before joining PAMBE Ghana.  I was part of the founding of the La’angum Learning Centre in 2008 and have been teaching there since. In fact, I am very proud and happy to be part of the PAMBE Ghana.  I have learned a lot and gained much experience in my teaching profession, especially the Montessori Method of Education.

I completed the 3-year Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) from the University of Winneba’s sandwich programme last year.

This is a bit of Mary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure.  Thank you.

Gifty Banyamikatana

gintyKindergarten teacher

I am a 31-year old woman from Langbinsi.  I was born and brought up in a Christian home with a relatively small family. I am second of five children.

I did my elementary education – both primary and junior high school - in Langbinsi Roman Catholic (RC) education unit and completed in 1997.  I attended Bolga Girls Senior High from 1998 to 2000. After completing high school I was fortunate to be employed by PAMBE Ghana as a classroom teacher in 2009.  Three years later, PAMBE Ghana sponsored me and two other colleague teachers to do diploma in basic education (DBE) at the university of Cape Coast by distance learning.  I successful completed the course and now hold a DBE diploma.

I love teaching children.  When I was in junior high school I started teaching Sunday school and enjoyed it.  I am married and have two beautiful daughters, Lovina and Lordina. We live together with my husband in Langbinsi.

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