Mary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure

mary-aMary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure is my full name.  Awinbota-Abotawine means God loves us and we love Him. I was born on March 9th 1983 to Mr and Mrs Samuel Azure Achinchine. God has blessed my parents with nine children. I am number six. We all live in Langbinsi, a much bigger village near Bumboazio where I teach.

I married a man of God named Martin Aduku in Nalerigu, about 20 miles from the La'angum Learning Centre. God has blessed us with a son, Franklin Behiwin, one year after our wedding.  Franklin is three years and eight months this November.  My husband and I are doing ministry work at the Nalerigu Second Baptist Church. He is a pastor in the church and I am a teacher.

I was a volunteer teacher in a school in Langbinsi before joining PAMBE Ghana.  I was part of the founding of the La’angum Learning Centre in 2008 and have been teaching there since. In fact, I am very proud and happy to be part of the PAMBE Ghana.  I have learned a lot and gained much experience in my teaching profession, especially the Montessori Method of Education.

I completed the 3-year Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) from the University of Winneba’s sandwich programme last year.

This is a bit of Mary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure.  Thank you.

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