Home at Last

I arrived home in Bongbini on Saturday night, finally. Sunday was a day of reacquainting myself, greeting and catching up with all the family and community news. I was in the office in Gambaga on Monday and Tuesday, unpacking, finding out how things have gone / are going on that require immediate attention. Paid a short courtesy call on the GES director and staff, just to say hello. Baba had an accident with his motorcycle on his way back from his weekend classes in Tamale. He had left early that morning. He had bruises on his hands and knees and one knee hurt quite a bit. Luckily, he was wearing his helmet. The front of the motorcycle was quite damaged. I advised he gets home and seeks medical attention. Fortunately, it his injuries were not too serious and he was at work the following day. Peter spent most of Tuesday working on my computer to get it to communicate with our modem so I can get onto the internet with it. Now I can send with the (slower) modem from the one company, but still not able to do so with our main one that is a bit faster. A little bit frustrating after enjoying fast internet connection until only a week ago. But life goes on, with or without internet. Alice

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