Still on the way Home

Friday Dec 1, 2011 I arrived in Tamale at 7 am this morning and reunited with my husband. It was a long sleepless night, as loud music from the radio and two Nigerian films kept us awake and "entertained" throughout the journey. We started off in Accra at 4 pm. I wasn't able to get a ticket for an earlier bus. But I was so keen to get out of hot humid, traffic-jammed Accra and back home I was ready for night travel. There are now several quite luxurious buses plying Accra-Tamale, Bolga and other towns in the north. I felt like I was flying business class: air-conditioned, large comfortable seats with seatbelts and lots of room to recline back, and video film for all. No chance to opt in or out. I learned there are also four airlines flying to Tamale for about 5x the cost and one-twelve the time! The catch here is luggage. Otherwise, a worthwhile option to consider. Anyway, I am happy to be back in my home tuff, with family and friends. I can't get my computer and modem to communicate with each other so I will have to send this tomorrow at an internet café. Bye for now.

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