Still on the way Home

Friday Dec 1, 2011 I arrived in Tamale at 7 am this morning and reunited with my husband. It was a long sleepless night, as loud music from the radio and two Nigerian films kept us awake and "entertained" throughout the journey. We started off in Accra at 4 pm. I wasn't able to get a ticket for an earlier bus. But I was so keen to get out of hot humid, traffic-jammed Accra and back home I was ready for night travel. There are now several quite luxurious buses plying Accra-Tamale, Bolga and other towns in the north. I felt like I was flying business class: air-conditioned, large comfortable seats with seatbelts and lots of room to recline back, and video film for all. No chance to opt in or out. I learned there are also four airlines flying to Tamale for about 5x the cost and one-twelve the time! The catch here is luggage. Otherwise, a worthwhile option to consider. Anyway, I am happy to be back in my home tuff, with family and friends. I can't get my computer and modem to communicate with each other so I will have to send this tomorrow at an internet café. Bye for now.

2011 US Trip

Monday, 28 Nov. 2011 Dear friends, I'm back home from home! A blast of warm air (85 F) as I decended on to the Tarmac quickly drove it home. "Akwaba" Welcome! Thank you all so much for making my stay so special. Patti, I miss you. I'll miss the smell of Andy's freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Linda & Tom, you gave me independence! I cannot recount what y'all did, but you made me feel so much at home, it was painful to leave. Thank you! I had no problem at all with luggage or customs in Accra. All went extremely well. Even our friend who offers his office as "chambre de passage" when we are in ACCRA came to pick me up at the airport, at very short notice. My only complaint is that it's too long through London. If any of you is thinking of coming to visit us, please check direct flights to ACCRA, unless you've a good reason to go through Europe. It's 1 am (7 pm OKC time). Another jetlag session to work with. Have a good evening. ALICE

A Gift of Love, like no other gift; a beautiful feeling deep down inside!

I came into the office early this morning. I have been in school the last few days. The postmaster had come by earlier to say I had a package at the post office to collect. My colleague picked it up for me. It was on my desk, all wrapped up with red tape in a shiny-foil-looking bag. I frantically tore opened the bag and many assorted goodies poured out.  I reached for the envelope and tour it open. And, lo and behold, the word ‘M O T H E R’ was spread the whole length of the cover of the large of a card, with smaller inscriptions on the other side. I opened the card. It was written on May 10, 2010 by my daughter. She begins: “Dearest Mom, even though this card will reach you at a different date…….” Indeed, the card, and its accompaniments, has reached me at a much, much later date, on January 29, 2011! However, its contents touched deep in the heart of a mother, a friend. She also wrote a small note to her birth mother, my sister, which is equally touching. Tears welled up in my eyes. I turned and looked at the assortment of goodies she had packed, including granola and mars bars, chocolates, splash gum and an ice-pak/hot-pak to keep food cold or hot! Finally, a CD of beautiful songs of worship, to top it all. Where did she get all that thoughtfulness, indeed wisdom from? I must confess that my husband and I cannot take credit for it. We are just thankful for the gift of such a daughter. We count our blessings like the colors of the rainbow: beautiful and free!! I cannot end this note without a word of acknowledgement and appreciation for the Ghana post, slow but sure, mail delivery. My daughter asked me several months back if I had received a package she had sent last may. We thought it had got lost, most likely on its way up from Accra to Gambaga in the N. Eastern corner of Ghana and the contents found their way in someone else’s home. It happens. No big deal, we concluded.  And, eight months later the package it turns up with all its contents intact. Just amazing!! AAI

Alice returns to Ghana from the US

My trip was long, tiring and nerve-wrecking-starting in OKC at 6:am on Tuesday, September 15,  through Memphis, Detroit and JFK for the final flight to Accra. In addition to having to run as fast as I could each time to make it for my next flight, I had the shock of my life when a very mean Delta Airline agent at boarding time insisted that my hand luggage (and others’ too) was too big and I must pay $200.00 or leave it there. She was so mean and shouted at passengers like we were, I don’t know what? And, she did not even have receipt for me; just wrote it on the back of my boarding pass when I insisted I get one! I have spent the day sorting out my vehicle papers (the insurance and roadworthiness had expired) and investigating new phone company (Vodafone) modem for our internet service. With my approval, Baba stopped the service we had before with MTN as it was not working and they could not resolve the problem. Anyway, just found out the modem costs Ghc295.00 and I do not have enough money here to purchase it. I’m staying here so tomorrow I will see if I can gather some money for the modem. It’s critical for us. I also want to visit the Rotary Club here in Tamale before I leave.

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