A Gift of Love, like no other gift; a beautiful feeling deep down inside!

I came into the office early this morning. I have been in school the last few days. The postmaster had come by earlier to say I had a package at the post office to collect. My colleague picked it up for me. It was on my desk, all wrapped up with red tape in a shiny-foil-looking bag. I frantically tore opened the bag and many assorted goodies poured out.  I reached for the envelope and tour it open. And, lo and behold, the word ‘M O T H E R’ was spread the whole length of the cover of the large of a card, with smaller inscriptions on the other side. I opened the card. It was written on May 10, 2010 by my daughter. She begins: “Dearest Mom, even though this card will reach you at a different date…….” Indeed, the card, and its accompaniments, has reached me at a much, much later date, on January 29, 2011! However, its contents touched deep in the heart of a mother, a friend. She also wrote a small note to her birth mother, my sister, which is equally touching. Tears welled up in my eyes. I turned and looked at the assortment of goodies she had packed, including granola and mars bars, chocolates, splash gum and an ice-pak/hot-pak to keep food cold or hot! Finally, a CD of beautiful songs of worship, to top it all. Where did she get all that thoughtfulness, indeed wisdom from? I must confess that my husband and I cannot take credit for it. We are just thankful for the gift of such a daughter. We count our blessings like the colors of the rainbow: beautiful and free!! I cannot end this note without a word of acknowledgement and appreciation for the Ghana post, slow but sure, mail delivery. My daughter asked me several months back if I had received a package she had sent last may. We thought it had got lost, most likely on its way up from Accra to Gambaga in the N. Eastern corner of Ghana and the contents found their way in someone else’s home. It happens. No big deal, we concluded.  And, eight months later the package it turns up with all its contents intact. Just amazing!! AAI

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