Alice returns to Ghana from the US

My trip was long, tiring and nerve-wrecking-starting in OKC at 6:am on Tuesday, September 15,  through Memphis, Detroit and JFK for the final flight to Accra. In addition to having to run as fast as I could each time to make it for my next flight, I had the shock of my life when a very mean Delta Airline agent at boarding time insisted that my hand luggage (and others’ too) was too big and I must pay $200.00 or leave it there. She was so mean and shouted at passengers like we were, I don’t know what? And, she did not even have receipt for me; just wrote it on the back of my boarding pass when I insisted I get one! I have spent the day sorting out my vehicle papers (the insurance and roadworthiness had expired) and investigating new phone company (Vodafone) modem for our internet service. With my approval, Baba stopped the service we had before with MTN as it was not working and they could not resolve the problem. Anyway, just found out the modem costs Ghc295.00 and I do not have enough money here to purchase it. I’m staying here so tomorrow I will see if I can gather some money for the modem. It’s critical for us. I also want to visit the Rotary Club here in Tamale before I leave.

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