PTA Meeting

By Bukari Baba, La'angum School Alice and I had a meeting with the PTA and the community of the La’angum School in Bumboazio on Friday, September 25, 2009. This was our first meeting with the community to re-establish contacts and plan for the new academic year. Many non-PTA members were also present. AAI briefed the gathering on her visit to the USA and extended greetings from friends and supporters there to them. Our main agenda item was to plan well to meet the challenges of the new academic year. This included parents in-kind and cash contributions they would make towards their school this year, and new enrolment. After reviewing the previous year’s processes and practices, an animated discussion ensued and a good number of suggestions were made by parents. They came to a consensus and the following decisions  were taken: 1.    In kind contribution of food stuffs for school lunch. Parents would contribute a bowl (about 4lbs) each of corn, peanuts, beans, soya beans and millet per child. These contributions will be spread over a period of three months, during the time of harvest of the various food crops. For example, this is the harvest time for corn and peanut; it is therefore the appropriate time to make contributions corn and peanuts now. The school management committee leaders are responsible for collecting and managing these food contributions. 2.    They also reached agreement that parents contribute Ghc12.00 per pupil to be settled by the end of this Lunar moon. Parents who pay after this deadline will have to pay an additional Ghc 3.00. This may seem very little, but for these farmers, it’s quite a lot given that the daily wage is Ghc 2.00. 3.    We agreed to enrol 20 children for this academic. Parents, especially those who did not have the advantage of having their children enrolled last year, were eager to know how many children we were taking this academic year. The people expected that we would enrol at least 40 more. We explained the reasons why we could not enrol more. This was a tough sell but we emphasised the need for quality, not quantity. The gathering however felt the need for a community-wide meeting so everyone would have a chance hear PAMBE Ghana’s reasons for limiting this year’s intake to only 20 children, given that the general population had expected at least 40 again. That meeting was scheduled for the following Friday, October 2, 2009. Other points discussed concerned needs associated with the new enrolment of children i.e. teachers, classroom space, furniture and learning materials.

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