Reptiles in the Classroom

Hello, Take it that you open a bag of corn, deep your hand inside to fetch, touch something strange, peep inside the bag and see the attached. What will you do? This was the experience one female teacher of the Bumboazio (La’angum) school encountered one early morning in her usual duty to serve the cooks with their usual daily food quantities to prepare school lunch. I wish you were there to see how the teacher and cooks took to their heels. The children without taking to verify as to what was happening also took off after having seen their teacher and cooks racing. Fortunately some 2 male parents passing to Langbinsi came to the aid of the other male teachers to fight and kill this reptile. On one instance, Alice was in the store room alone when a snake entered through the door. You could hear her screaming even from 200 meters away. The school has a lot of these reptiles around the bushes and rocks. The parents do organize communal labour and clear round the school but the reptiles still remain in the holes under the rocks. Teachers and children are terrified, run and classes disrupted anytime they spot one. The teachers and children are worried and does not appreciate how we share our classrooms with these reptiles. This is indeed worrisome and your suggestions on how to control this classroom sharing is highly welcome. Counting much on your advices and suggestions!!! Bukari Baba

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