PAMBE Ghana facilitates Measles vaccination at La’angum Learning Centre.

Girl child being immunized by nurse

Measles is a dangerous childhood disease that can have devastating complications including brain damage, blindness, and deafness. It also often causes diarrhea and malnutrition.  Two decades ago, measles epidemics caused the highest mortality and morbidity among young children within the shortest period. Thanks to concerted efforts on immunizations programs for under-fives  by the Ghana Health Services and international agencies such as UNICEF, widespread measles outbreaks have become a thing of the past.  hana health authorities say that it costs less than GHc2.00 ($1.45) to prevent the disease through vaccination and to provide a Vitamin “A” supplement.  However, it is often difficult to mobilize marginalized communities to take full advantage of this vital health service to protect their children. PAMBE Ghana’s approach to primary education includes a strong component of raising awareness in rural areas about such key issues. PAMBE Ghana works to  link communities to local health services for children.  A good example is about the recent measles vaccination campaign in Ghana. On November 04,  PAMBE Ghana organized the Bumboazio community to work with the Ghana Health service (GHS) to have all the children of the La’angum Learning Centre  between the ages of 4 and 5  immunized against measles. The children also received doses of Vitamin “A” supplements to boost their immune system for better protection against other diseases. This effort not only helped to protect the children against potentially serious diseases, but created a precedent of the school serving as a means to promote an active collaboration between local communities and health services.

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