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The rains started unusually early this year and some risk-taking farmers ploughed and planted watermelons, even groundnut (peanuts), corn and millet. However, most thought it was too early and waited. Then we had a little shower about once a week and some more farmers dared to plough and sowed their crops. And then not a drop for three weeks! The situation was getting desperate and “lack of rain” became the main topic of conversation. Eyes raised to the sky at the least gathering of clouds in the east community-news1/south-east (the direction most rain-forming clouds gather). All wished and prayed for rain. In some communities, the chief and elders approached the local rainmaker to call the rain.

We felt the drought at LLC too. We emptied the water collected from the earlier rains from our rwhs. The students had to bring water to school. But God’s time is the best. We had a good soaking rain on Thursday morning and a much heavier one on

The ground is well-watered and farmers are busy sowing their crops. We have plenty water at school and the environment is looking green and fresh.


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