Classroom Construction

The Classroom building project is on course. We have about 3000 cement blocks, 200 bags of cement, trucked in by tractor and my pick up. The teachers offloaded all these bags! (1 bag is 50kg and cost GHS22). We also have iron rods, nails and other accessories for the pillars and lintel. Workmanship for the masonry work to roofing level will cost GHS3,000, excluding the community’s contribution in labour, water supply and stone chippings.

Cement molders have just finished the last batch of blocks. The molders are paid GHS 0.20 per block.

The community chose last week, Saturday, to begin work on the site. Parents gathered in the school; the mason and his assistant demarcated and they dug the foundation. They came back last Thursday to break stones into small pieces for the foundation. With the appeal and encouragement from teacher Shani, La’angum school children brought water to school yesterday (Saturday) to fill a container for the building. Saturdays and Wednesdays are believed to be good days to begin a good project, because it is believed that things that happen on these days are very likely to reoccur. We don’t have enough stone chippings, but the community leaders have maintained that they will get more broken for laying the foundation. Next, rendez-vous is coming Wednesday, to lay the concrete foundation!

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