Accra Feb 13 2008

Accra, 02/13/08 Things got rolling in Ghana and time just flew by and I neglected my blog for the longest time. My sincere apologies. My trip back to Ghana after a nice 2 months in the US went well. I made it here last night on British Airways. I had just a little tense moment in London Heathrow on how to get my two pieces of hand luggage on a wheelchair to the security check and beyond. My friend Caroline, was getting upset that the guy refused to push me and my luggage. (I do not blame him because...try to imagine my hand luggage!). The proposed solution was either I left one piece behind and go on the flight or go the following day when I will be able to check one hand luggage through. In the end, I just took my luggage and limped along his empty wheelchair through security and to the gate. The rest was a piece of cake. The flight was delayed one full hour anyway. The flight was a pleasant one. There was a wheelchair waiting for me when we desembarqued that took me from the tarmac through police, baggage claim, and out. In fact, no customs check at all! The guy back in and brought all my luggage and waited with me until my friend arrived to pick me. He helped put all the luggage in the car! Just incredible! I thanked him with ten Ghana cedis (about $10), too generous by Ghanaian standards but...... I am just taking it easy today at my friend's - Yacine's today. Yacine is a Burkinabe who I got to know in Canada. Yacine works at the Canadian High Commission in Accra. I will be here till the weekend. I am exhausted but happy to have seen my friends and to be back in Ghana.

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