Our New Water Well is a Success!

water-well1Our bore hole has passed the pumping test in time when the world celebrates Water Day on Sun. March 22! We had been waiting for this day with much anxiety because the outcome of the pumping test would determine the fate of our bore hole.

The team arrived this morning around 10:00 a.m. and set up their testing equipment including a submersible pump and a diesel powered generator. The water had risen to 41 meters and thus boosted our hope for a good producing well. As word went round about the pumping of water, students ran out with gallons and other containers they had used to bring water to school. We all watched with excitement and some uneasiness as the water flowed out slowly. I later learned that the technician intentionally regulated the flow so it is constant to aid their observations and recording.

The pumping went on for two and half hours, non-stop. The children gradually filled their containers and took them to their classrooms. Every container, big and small got filled up. The water was clear and tasted okay. The technician assured us it was safe to drink it. The team took a sample to do the quality test in Tamale.

water-well2Then the team proceeded with the even more telling test: the recovery or recharge rate. How quickly does the well replenish itself? After an hour and half the technician declared the recovery rate to poor. However, he recommended going ahead to develop the well, given that it is the best bore hole we would have for LA'ANGUM. With a bottle of water he demonstrated how the water indicator (like a tape measure), which beeps when it comes in contact with water, was used to determine the recovery rate of our bore hole. "The recovery rate is low. But half a loaf is better than none," the technician reminded us of this old adage. The technician did not think our bore hole is a good candidate for mechanization. He advised the installation of a hand pump instead.

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