Inaugural Preschool Class Heads to High School after outstanding National Exam Scores

Ghana’s educational system requires students nationwide to take a qualifying exam called the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) after completion of the ninth grade. The purpose is twofold – those who successfully complete the exam will receive a Basic Education Certificate, and those with high scores will be placed into a corresponding senior high school.

LLC grads Rashida Mohamudu (L) and Joshua Moyom (R) were among LLC’s high scorers on the 9th grade achievement test.

La’Angum Learning Center’s first students – who began their educational journeys as preschool students in 2007 – have completed 9th grade and achieved outstanding BECE scores. These 24 students (14 girls and 10 boys) have gained admission into the upper echelon of senior high schools in the northern region.  Each has qualified for government scholarships that pay their tuition, room and board. Their BECE achievement is one in which every PAMBE Ghana supporter shares.

Pictured are three of LLC’s graduates, Rashida, Nemau and Bokupoa, preparing to walk from Bumboazio to Langbinsi where they boarded a bus to their new school for the fall term.

“The end depends on the beginning.” Thank you!



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