PAMBE Ghana’s approach to providing excellent, culturally appropriate education in Ghana gives students opportunities to become literate in their mother tongue as well as in English and to enjoy their school experience. It helps to build trust, initiative, creativity, active student involvement and participatory teaching methods. It creates synergy among families, community, and school, broaden the curricula to include local knowledge, and deepen students’ appreciation for their linguistic and cultural heritage.

Why Pambe Ghana works …

  • Fighting illiteracy, hunger, disease through education
  • Educating Ghana’s children knocking down the barriers
  • Not just boys, but girls, too
  • Teaching in THEIR language as well as English
  • Teaching sanitation skills for better health
  • Providing lunches so that full stomachs can learn
  • Child centered learning
  • Building a model education system
  • Volunteer-based organization, cents of every dollar goes to the school