Upcoming Events

May 28-30, Paseo Arts Fest, 30th and Dewey

June 5 – Industry Flea, corner of NW 10th and Hudson

PAMBE Ghana Global Market will be at the Paseo Arts Festival again this year!


The conference room of the Rainbow Fleet on the corner of Paseo and NW 30th, will be transformed into the Global Market during the Paseo Arts Festival. Beautiful and unique fair trade items from around the world will be available for purchase. All profits from sales at the Global Market go to support the La’Angum Learning Center.

A Thrivent Action Team grant from Thrivent Financial, a Lutheran based financial company whose mission includes sharing with others, allowed us to purchase more Spring/Summer items for the Market than is typical. The application for the grant was submitted by PG volunteer Betsy Tonn.

There is parking available at the First Christian Church at 36th and Walker with a free shuttle running to the Paseo Fest.
The art festival runs from May 28-30, from 10:30 AM-8:00 PM, with the exception of Monday, when the Fest closes at 6:00 PM.


Thank you to the Canadian Rainbow of Hope for Children (ROHFC) for providing funding to support the PAMBE Ghana Health, Nutrition and Sanitation Program!


The objectives of the project are:rainbow-hope3

  1. To provide mid-day lunches for the students to include purchasing food, the salary of a school lunch coordinator, and hauling and transport of foodstuffs from the community and local markets.
  2. To provide basic health care to the 250 students to include paying the National Health Insurance Annual Premium and purchasing first aid products for the school.
  3. To foster sanitation at the school to purchase soap and sanitary related cleaning products.


Previous support from ROHFC in 2013 and 2014 included the funding of particular staffing and operation and maintenance programs at the La’Angum Learning Center. In 2014-15, ROHFC provided PAMBE Ghana with new infrastructure to improve the facilities, specifically building a library and a technology lab, including a system of collecting and storing rainwater for those using these facilities. ROHFC also assisted the Rotary clubs of Wainwright, Alberta, Watford, Ontario and Tamale, Ghana to install solar panels and computers in the technology lab.