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April 9, 2016
PAMBE Ghana Fest

Global Market Global Market at the Paseo Arts Festival on Memorial Day weekend

Thank you to the marvelous donors who helped us purchase a Motor King!


motor-king2On Tuesday, our Motor King arrived, all assembled and ready with drums for hauling water. There was so much excitement and many teachers tried their hand in the school compound, and found out very quickly that driving a Motor King is quite different from a motorcycle. Wuni Baani, the Lunch Program Coordinator will be in charge. With Charles’ help and local entrepreneur with expertise in these vehicles, I drew up a simple contract /guide for the Motor King driver/caretaker. He’s practicing this weekend and will have scheduled time with students to bring water to school.

Hear from a parent of La’Angum Learning Center students:

father-letterThe La’Angum school is helpful to us in Bumboazio here because I used to go round looking for somebody to read or identify and sort our hospital cards for us. Now, I have 3 children in my house that can do that. I have an older child who has been in a different local Langbinsi school for four years now but cannot read. I want to plead with you to accept her to join your school. One other thing I like about this school is the food you serve the children. Our children are healthy and always smiling when they come back from school unlike their brothers and sisters in the Langbinsi schools. After school, they are now used to sitting down with us and telling stories about school, teachers and friends. One thing I want to ask is to add 7th, 8th, and 9th grades to La’Angum school. This will help our students to pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination at the end of  9th grade.


mary-aLearn about the teachers

“I was part of the founding of the La’angum Learning Centre in 2008 and have been teaching there since. In fact, I am very proud and happy to be part of the PAMBE Ghana. I have learned a lot and gained much experience in my teaching profession, especially the Montessori Method of Education.” –Pre-K teacher Mary Awinbota-Abotawine Azure [ read more… ]